Supplier Diversity

                        Caterpillar has a long history of supporting a diverse supplier base to complement the various business markets we serve.

                        Global footprint. Global ideas. Global values.

                        DIVERSITY DRIVES INNOVATION

                        With the broadest, most diversified set of product and service offerings in our history, Caterpillar is establishing its leadership in every market and geographic region we serve.  Crossing over 200 countries worldwide, we recognize the global and increasingly diverse business arena and consistently strive to reflect that environment in our customers, our business practices, and especially, our suppliers.

                        Our Vision

                        Our passion for continuous improvement is the driving spirit behind our Supplier Diversity Initiative.  It is our greatest ambition to provide sourcing opportunities throughout our organization to a wide range of diverse business owners as classified by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Caterpillar believes that for it to remain World Class in our diverse world, its diverse suppliers must in turn be World Class. We are committed to helping our supply base become just that.

                        How to become a Caterpillar Supplier

                        To understand the basic key requirements of being a Caterpillar supplier, click here.  

                        How to Register as a Potential Caterpillar Supplier

                        Now that you have a solid understanding as to the key requirements of being a Caterpillar supplier, the next step is to register you company at our sourcing portal.  Our online registration is not only an efficient process it is also a great way for you to highlight your capabilities to our category teams. Upon completing your registration, you will receive an email confirmation which also will give you instructions on how to upload documentation such as your official quality and diversity certifications as these will be requested for verification.

                        Please note our procurement team uses all of the information requested in their initial evaluation of your company. Failure to submit a completed profile can result in lost opportunities to partner with Caterpillar as a Supplier

                        Register your company on our sourcing portal by clicking here.  

                        What Happens After You Register:

                        Upon registering your accurate and completed registration form, your company’s information will be placed in our Supplier Database, which is frequently used by our sourcing teams when attempting to identify diverse suppliers that match Caterpillar’s current business need.  The Supplier Diversity team will continue to coach those with an alignment in communicating the value your organization brings to the table.

                        Have specific questions about the Supplier Diversity program? Contact us at

                        Reminder: Submission of a Supplier Diversity Registration Datasheet does not imply your company is automatically on a ‘preferred vendor list’ nor has a contractual agreement in place.  It also does not qualify a business as an official Caterpillar supplier.   What it does provide, is a potential opportunity, should a Caterpillar Global Purchasing representative review your profile with interest in learning more about your capabilities.  Your company will be contacted if and when a business opportunity presents itself and your company’s capabilities are in line with the project. Notification of selection will then be followed by further evaluation for compliance with our supplier standards and compatibility with our strategic vision.


                        For more information and assistance with diverse business status, small business size classifications, visit the following websites:

                        Supplier Communication Guidelines

                        While we are proud to be associated with every one of our quality suppliers, we provide these guidelines to ensure the consistency of all supplier-generated communications materials.


                        Supplier Conduct

                        Caterpillar expects its suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. We disclose certain information as required by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.